06. Who is God? Pt. 1


Editor’s Note: “This is the first in a three-part article discussing the nature and character of God.”

Part 1 – The Changing Face of God.

My oldest son is now reaching the age where we’re starting to have more in depth conversations about the concept of God, and in doing so, it has driven me to think back to my earliest understandings of God. Surprisingly, my understanding of God at 10 years of age and my understanding of God at 25 years of age were not that much different. But the God that I understand and know today is completely different from the God of my youth. I’ve questioned myself on this. Do I actually serve a different God than I did in my youth or that many of my friends and families do today? Was I simply misguided in my earlier understandings, or have I actually accepted bad doctrine and become misguided today? I’ve heard many others raise similar questions as they too move through their deconstruction or reconstruction of faith. And yet, when I look to the Bible, I find that I’m not the first to experience this evolution, nor do I suspect that I am the last. Continue reading “06. Who is God? Pt. 1”

Book Review: Finding God In The Waves

I am extremely happy to finally post my review about “Science Mike” McHargue’s new book, Finding God in the Waves: How I Lost My Faith And Found It Again Through Science. This book is easily near the top of my book recommendations for the year and one I have been excited about reading for months.

If you’re a regular reader here at Unboxing God, then conversations involving faith and doubt through a lens of modern science and history are not new to you.  But until recently, finding resources willing to discuss these ideas have resulted only in “pseudo-scientific” products focused more on twisting or discrediting science than dissecting the tenets of faith through it.  For those of you frustrated by this, Finding God in the Waves will be refreshing as it discusses God, faith, and modern Christianity through the lens of accepted scientific claims.  But this is no simple defense of orthodoxy.  Mike pulls no punches as he lays out both the claims of faith and the criticisms, side by side, examining both in a clear, concise, and easily readable manner. This is the single most important book on faith, doubt, and science that I have ever read.  Mike provides not only a rational understanding of God that works well within today’s understandings of science, but practical steps that anyone can implement to not only grow close to God, but to be transformed into what can only be described as the mind of Christ as well.
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01. When God Dies…

What does it feel like when God dies?


For some of you, it’s an unfathomable question.  God is so alive, so real, so moving within your life that the concept of God dying seems no more possible than the far-fetched dream of a child.

For some of you, it’s a ridiculous question.  How could something that doesn’t exist ever die? And even if it does, how can that death of childlike fantasy be a bad thing?

But for some of us, it’s a feeling we’ve known all too well.  And a feeling we’ve felt, deep within the pit of our being.

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